6 May 2022: L’interopérabilité des systèmes de preuve, Binaire, France

30 March 2022: What Can Formal Systems Do For Mathematics? A Discussion Through The Lens Of Proof Assistants: Some Recent Advances, Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki Q&A with Jeremy Avigad, Jasmin Blanchette, Frédéric Blanqui, Kevin Buzzard, Johan Commelin, Manuel Eberl, Timothy Gowers, Peter Koepke, Assia Mahboubi, Ursula Martin, Lawrence C. Paulson, Special Issue for the 60th Anniversary of the DVMLG (German Association for Mathematical Logic and for Basic Research in the Exact Sciences), Benedikt Löwe, Deniz Sarikaya (eds.), College Publications, 2022

28 March 2022: EuroProofNet: The Universitat Politècnica de València participates in an international network that seeks to achieve “bug-free software”, UPV, Spain

28 March 2022: La Universidad Politècnica de València se suma a la búsqueda del ‘software’ perfecto, Valencia Plaza, Spain

26 March 2022: Buscan un “software perfecto” para evitar grandes desastres humanos, materiales o económicos, SER, Spain

25 March 2022: La UPV se suma a la búsqueda del software perfecto, EFE, Spain

1 March 2022: Proof systems: strengthening the position of the EU through EuroProofNet, Inria, France