We strive to ensure better gender balance in the community and we take actions towards this goal. We are working with the cost action CA19122 European Network For Gender Balance in Informatics (EUGAIN) and we implement some of the best practices from the EUGAIN booklet:

  • We are committed to using inclusive language.
  • We monitor the distribution of funds among action participants and we prioritize funding of underrepresented genders.
  • We monitor gender balance within the management roles.
  • We promote work done by members of underrepresented genders (WEPN’22).
  • We organize training and discussion on unconscious biases and gender-balance issues (WEPN’22).
  • We aid parents with finding/ensuring childcare at the events organized by EuroProofNet action.

If you are organizing an event within the action or if you have other questions/ideas about how to address gender-balance issues within the action, contact the gender-balance coordinator.