EuroProofNet can fund the travel to Nantes and the accommodation to attend the Women in EPN workshop and/or the Dedukti school on June 24-25 of about 40 participants. The daily allowance for accommodation and meals has been fixed at 120 euros.

If you want to be funded, you need to:

  • Check the eligibility rules to know whether you can be funded.

  • Register to EuroProofNet if not already done.

  • Before May 22, send a mail to frederic.blanqui(a) with
    • the dates you will be attending (June 24, June 25 or both)
    • a quote of your flight/train/bus (a screen capture is fine)
    • the total cost of your flight/train/bus in euros
  • Notifications will be sent out on May 26. Selected people will receive an invitation from e-cost.

  • Register on the TYPES 2022 website as well.

  • During the meeting, firm the attendance sheet that will be circulating.

  • After the meeting, and within 2 weeks, upload on e-cost a copy of your flight/train tickets and of your hotel bill.

You are free to arrive before June 24 (e.g. to attend TYPES) and leave after June 25 (e.g. to work with some colleagues), but EuroProofNet will only cover accommodation costs necessary to attend Women in EPN and the Dedukti school.

The action members who will be reimbursed will be chosen by taking into account the following criteria in order: importance wrt the research coordination objectives; inclusive target countries; age; gender; team with low resources; balance over the action life time between people, teams, countries and working groups.

For more details, see the reimbursement rules.