at least 2 months before the meeting:

  • The chair asks the organizer the exact address, the starting and ending dates and times of the meeting, and the daily allowance. The daily allowance should cover the cost of an hotel night + the meals + local transport if hotels are far from the meeting place. It has to be fixed at the right level so that people get reimbursed of what they need to spend but not too much so that we can invite more people. Note that the daily allowance cannot be changed once invitations have been sent.

  • The organizer gives to the chair the exact address, and the starting and ending dates and times:

    • complete address: BC Building, Room 420, Chemin Alan Turing, CH-1015 Ecublens (VD), Switzerland ?
    • starting date and time: June 14 at 10:00
    • ending date and time: June 15 at 16:00
  • The organizer checks the prices of accommodations and restaurants around the place of the meeting at the dates of the meeting, and sends to the chair a proposal for the daily allowance.

    • daily allowance: 209 euros
  • The chair sets up the event on, but not the LOS yet (this will be done later).

  • The chair asks the organizer details about the LOS. By the way, the chair asks the organizer to carefully read the rules concerning LOS in the COST annotated rules (see page 92). Note in particular that VAT is not reimbursed.

  • The organizer sends to the chair and the Grant Holder the details of the LOS.

  • The Grant Holder checks the eligibility of the LOS and sends the result to the organizer and the chair.

  • The chair and the organizer fix the deadline for reimbursement applications at least 1 month before the meeting, and the date of an online core group meeting within 1 week after the deadline, to decide which participants will be reimbursed, if this cannot be decided by email.

    • deadline: 12 May 2024
  • The organizer adds a web page for the meeting on, possibly with the help of the science communication coordinators, with the following information: date, times, place, program, possible hotels, indication on how to get there, participation application procedure, reimbursement application procedure, link to reimbursement rules, daily allowance, deadlines.

  • The chair sends the call for participation and reimbursement applications to all action members, at least 1 month before the deadline.

  • The organizer collects data and files from participants willing to be reimbursed (name, email, country, address, gender, age, dates of arrival and departure, quote for transport, university certificates for master students). To this end, we strongly suggest the organizer to use forms like or .

  • The Grant Holder contacts the organizer to collect the additional data it needs for the LOS.

  • The organizer provides the Grant Holder with the additional data it needs for the LOS.

at least 1 month before the meeting:

  • The organizer and the chair check the eligibility of the applicants.

  • Core group meeting to select the participants who will be reimbursed.

  • The organizer informs the applicants of the result.

  • The chair invites on the participants who have been selected.

  • Participants have 2 weeks maximum to accept their invitation on After this delay, the invitation is cancelled.

  • The chair sends to the Grant Holder the list of selected participants.

  • The Grant Holder contacts the selected participants to collect the data it needs.

  • The selected participants provide the Grant Holder with the data it needs.

at least 1 day before the meeting:

  • The chair sends to the organizer the attendance sheets generated by for every day of the meeting.

  • The organizer prints the attendance sheets sent by the chair.

  • Participants keep a copy of their travel documents and bills.

during the meeting:

  • The organizer asks participants to sign the attendance sheet every day of the meeting.

  • The participants sign the attendance sheet every day they attend the meeting.

  • The organizer sign the attendance sheet as well.

  • The organizer takes photos of the event.

  • If possible, the organizer records the talks.

  • The organizer adds photos of the event on

  • The organizer sends photos to the science communication coordinators.

  • The science communication coordinators advertise the event on social networks.

after the meeting:

  • The organizer sends the signed attendance sheets to the chair (PDF files must not exceed 2 Mo).

  • The chair adds the attendance sheets and the program of the meeting on

  • The organizer adds the slides and the videos of the talks on the web site.

  • The organizer adds its claim for LOS on

  • The selected participants add their reimbursement claims and upload a copy of their travel documents and bills on within 2 weeks. Only reimbursement of travels >100 km can be claimed (travels <100 km are included in the daily allowance). Taxis are not reimbursed. The participants shall, in order to see their long-distance travel expenses being reimbursed, attach supporting documents which shall clearly detail: the name of the service provider, the mode of transport taken, the full price paid for the ticket, the name of the passenger if applicable, the travel dates, departure and arrival times (an invoice only showing the amount will not suffice).

  • The Grant Holder checks reimbursement claims.

  • The Grant Holder reimburses the organizer and the invited participants whose claims are valid.