Research Coordination Objectives

  1. Express new proof systems in the Dedukti logical framework.
  2. Promote the output of detailed, checkable proofs from automated theorem provers.
  3. Make techniques for program verification more effective and more accessible to all stakeholders.
  4. Gather proofs translated in Dedukti into a FAIR database.
  5. Provide tools for searching large libraries of formal proofs.
  6. Develop the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques on proofs.
  7. Develop a modular theory of type theories.
  8. Develop the use of natural or controlled languages in proof systems.

Capacity Building Objectives

  1. Bring together members of the different communities working on proofs in Europe.
  2. Act as a stakeholder platform in the field of formal proofs from its theoretical grounds to its industrial applications.
  3. Create an excellent and inclusive network of researchers in Europe with lasting collaboration beyond the lifetime of the Action.
  4. Ease access to formal verification techniques in education and other areas of science.
  5. Actively support young researchers, the under-represented gender, and teams from regions with less capacity.
  6. Transfer knowledge in terms of expertise, scientific tools and human resources across the different disciplines and between academia and industry.
  7. Prepare competitive EU researchers for a fruitful career in an international environment through intensive use of Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) and joint educational programs with industry.
  8. Disseminate the results of the Action activities to the scientific community, the industry, the certification bodies, the European institutions and to the general public.