Reimbursement for participating to a meeting or school is done after the event with the following conditions:

  • You must be eligible.

  • You must have received an invitation from the e-cost system, and you must have accepted it within 2 weeks after reception.

  • You have to book your flight/train/bus and accommodation by yourself. You must choose the most economical means of transportation. First-class tickets are not allowed. Taxis are not reimbursed. In any case, the reimbursement for travel cost is limited to 1500 euros.

  • You must sign the attendance sheet during the meeting (only the days spent at the meeting are reimbursed).

  • You must provide bills for your travels >100km and accommodation (at your name and address).

  • For accommodation, meals and travels <=100km, the reimbursement is a daily flat rate fixed by the Management Committee (usually around 120 euros/day depending on the country). Ask the precise amount to the organizers of the event.

  • For travels >100km, you should choose the most economical means and arrange your travel in advance to get low prices.

Find all the details concerning reimbursements on p. 81 of the COST Annotated Rules.