Participants invited at a meeting or school, and people having an approved STSM, are reimbursed only of their travel, accommodation and meal expenses according to the following rules.

  • Participants must be eligible.

  • Participants must have received an invitation from the e-cost system, and must have accepted it within 2 weeks after reception.

  • Master students must provide a registration certificate of their university.

  • Participants must book their flight/train/bus and accommodation by themself as much in advance as possible to get good prices, together with insurance in case of cancelation. They must choose the most economical means of transportation. First-class tickets are not allowed. Taxis are not reimbursed. In any case, the reimbursement for travel costs is limited to 1500 euros.

  • Participants can use their own car if it is less expensive than using flight/train/bus, especially for a group. The reimbursement is around 0.35 euros/km for the driver (ask the precise amount from the Grant Holder). On the other hand, parking, fuel, toll and car rental are not reimbursed.

  • Participants must upload on the COST website their tickets and bills of their travel and accommodation (at their name and address), and the receipts of their meals (lunch and dinner). In the event there are no receipts, the reimbursement will not be possible. These documents are necessary for making sure that the reimbursement is justified but the amount of the reimbursement is a fixed daily allowance (see below).

Additional rules for meetings and schools:

  • Participants must sign the attendance sheets during the meeting (only the days spent at the meeting are reimbursed).

  • For accommodation, meals and travels <=100km, the reimbursement is a daily flat rate fixed by the core group (usually around 120 euros/day depending on the country). Ask the precise amount from the organizers of the event.

Additional rules for STSMs:

  • STSM grantees must upload on the COST website their report, signed by their host, within 2 weeks after the end of their STSM, and the report must be approved by the Grant awarding coordinators.

  • For accommodation, meals and local transport, the reimbursement is a daily flat rate fixed by the Grant Holder depending on the host country.

Find more details concerning reimbursements in the COST Annotated Rules page 86.

If you have questions, please contact the Grant Holder.