For accommodation, meals and local transport, the reimbursement of an STSM is a daily flat rate fixed by the Grant Holder depending on the host country as follows (this list is indicative, ask the Grant Holder for the last up to date amount or if your host country is not in the list). Please be aware that these daily flat-rate apply only for a complete day in the country.

Country DA
Albania 130 euros
Austria 175 euros
Belgium 206 euros
Bosnia and Herzegovina 169 euros
Bulgaria 145 euros
Croatia 142 euros
Cyprus 190 euros
Czech Republic 180 euros
Denmark 222 euros
Estonia 129 euros
Finland 220 euros
France city of Paris 145 euros
France big cities (*) and Paris region 125 euros
France other regions 105 euros
Georgia 158 euros
Germany 164 euros
Greece 167 euros
Hungary 175 euros
Iceland 219 euros
Ireland 190 euros
Italy 220 euros
Latvia 153 euros
Lithuania 145 euros
Luxembourg 173 euros
Malta 105 euros
Moldova 153 euros
Montenegro 150 euros
Netherlands 161 euros
North Macedonia 117 euros
Norway 138 euros
Poland 175 euros
Portugal 160 euros
Romania 160 euros
Serbia 150 euros
Slovakia 155 euros
Slovenia 160 euros
Spain 132 euros
Sweden 196 euros
Switzerland 230 CHF
Turkey 135 euros
Ukraine 208 euros
United Kingdom 180 GBP
Israel 230 euros

(*) Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes