Main objective

“developing the basic theoretical foundations and tools allowing the interoperability of proof systems by expressing more proof systems in the Dedukti logical framework and by developing tools to translate proofs from one system to another”

Activities of year 1 (1/2)

  • June 2022: Dedukti School @ Nantes
    • 1.5 days of tutorials on Dedukti and translators from/to various proof systems
    • Colocated with TYPES and Women in EPN
  • October 2022: Dedukti Developer Meeting @ Val d’Ajol
    • Work on Dedukti standard, LambdaPi standard library, and Agda2Dedukti

Dedukti School

Dedukti Developer Meeting

Activities of year 1 (2/2)

  • Two STSMs
    • May 2022: Thiago Felicissimo: dependent pattern matching compilation
    • July 2022: Amelie Ledein: rechecking KProver proof objects
  • Started a list of tools at

Planned activities for year 2

  • 2nd Dedukti School ?
  • 2nd & 3rd Dedukti Developer Meeting
  • New STSMs