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Date: 24-25 April 2023

Place: Vienna, Austria

Venue: Gußhausstraße 27 - 29, 1040 Wien, Austria, 4.OG, Seminarraum CH EG (ground floor), Room number CD 04 04. Streaming room (when not enough space): Room CF 01 53 (first floor, counting from zero)

How to get there (map).

Co-located with the HoTT/UF 2023 Workshop.

The aim of this meeting series is to bring together researchers working on the topics of working group 6 of EuroProofNet. The main focus is thus on the syntax and semantics of type theory.

The programme will consist mainly of short talks, and plenty of time for discussion. The meeting will be in person and is open to anyone interested in type theory.

Invited speakers
Daniel Gratzer (Aarhus University): Controlling unfolding in type theory
Ambroise Lafont (University of Cambridge): Generic pattern unification: a categorical approach
Anders Mörtberg (Stockholm University): Computational proofs in Cubical Type Theories
Loïc Pujet (INRIA): Mechanising reducibility proofs in Coq

Contributed talks
Rafaël Bocquet (Eötvös Loránd University): For the Metatheory of Type Theory, Internal Sconing Is Enough
Felix Bradley (Royal Holloway, University of London): On the Metatheory of Subtype Universes
Maximilian Doré (University of Oxford): Automating reasoning in cubical type theory
Thiago Felicissimo (Deducteam/LMF/Inria): A Logical Framework for Computational Type Theories
Rasmus Møgelberg (IT University of Copenhagen): Higher Inductive Types in Coinductive Definitions via Guarded Recursion
Vincent Moreau (IRIF, Université Paris Cité): Profinite lambda-terms and parametricity
Andreas Nuyts (KU Leuven): Every modality is a relative right adjoint
Nima Rasekh (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics): Category Theory of Universes
Taichi Uemura (Stockholm University): Towards modular proof of normalization for type theories

Schedule and abstracts: Please see here.

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Deadlines (AoE)
Submission of talk proposals: Monday 27 February Author notification: Tuesday 7 March Funding requests: Sunday 19 March Registration: Friday 7 April

Registration & funding: Registration is now closed. For information regarding reimbursement, please see here. The daily allowance has been fixed to 140 euros.

Local information: Please see here.

Organizers: Paige Randall North and Jacopo Emmenegger

Local Organizer: Anja Petković Komel